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Introducing Aliro: A Universal Standard for Access Control

Telink Staff

January 15, 2024


Tap into the potential of your digital access system and unlock its possibilities with Aliro.

Mobile devices have become remote controls for our lives, allowing us to easily access entertainment, set indoor thermostats to comfortable temperatures, and even lock doors or openings with the tap of a button. While incredibly convenient, IoT environments have been plagued with interoperability issues caused by manufacturer limitations and incompatible protocols. However, one new protocol developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) addresses these issues in access control technology — Aliro.

Born from the minds and collective efforts of over 200 tech leaders, executives, and innovators, the Aliro protocol aims to simplify and standardize how users access and secure entry points through wearables and smartphones. With consistency and flexibility at its core, Aliro is set to unlock the full potential of IoT in digital access card systems in homes, businesses, and beyond.

What is Aliro?

Unlike some protocols that dictate every aspect of an ecosystem, Aliro is refreshingly flexible, specifying only the interaction between a personal user device and a smart lock or access control reader. This means that Aliro does not impose restrictions on how a smart door lock or access control reader connects to the rest of the smart environment. In this way, Aliro can be seamlessly implemented in a wide range of devices, regardless of underlying back-end protocols.

Aliro boasts several key features that set it apart from existing digital access protocols, including:

  • Asymmetric Cryptography: Aliro leverages asymmetric cryptography to ensure secure communication between user devices and access control systems.

  • Credential Data Definitions: The protocol provides standardized data definitions for access credentials, making it easier for manufacturers and developers to create compatible products.

  • Multiple Implementation Options: Whether it’s a residential access system, a commercial security solution, or an industrial application, Aliro supports various implementation options to meet diverse user needs.

    • Near Field Communication (NFC): With a simple tap or approach of their devices, users can seamlessly authenticate and gain access thanks to NFC technology that relies on close proximity communication.

    • Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE): Aliro incorporates energy-efficient Bluetooth LE wireless communication to support battery-powered devices operating for extended periods.

    • Bluetooth® Low Energy and Ultra-Wideband (UWB): Aliro combines Bluetooth LE with UWB’s precise location tracking capabilities to provide access based on the user’s exact location.

It’s worth noting that Aliro only specifies the interaction between a smartphone, wearable, or personal user devices and a digital door lock or access control reader. It does not dictate how a digital door lock or access control reader connects to the rest of the ecosystem

What Aliro Brings to the Tech Table

What makes Aliro a promising protocol for digital access use applications? It centers on four principles that address the pain points of wireless access systems today:


By reducing complexity, Aliro lowers the barrier to entry for developers and manufacturers looking to adopt access control technologies. It also streamlines the integration process, allowing installers to easily incorporate the protocol into their systems without having to work around roadblocks. This simplicity also makes troubleshooting easier, making it more straightforward to identify and resolve issues.


With support for different types of installations and architectures, Aliro caters to both common and individual entry points. From homeowners keeping an eye on the security of their property to business owners extending building access to their employees, Aliro can adapt to many real-world scenarios.


Aliro is built on a foundation of state-of-the-art security to provide a high level of confidence in safeguarding against unauthorized access and data breaches. Involving only trusted access solutions and best security practices, Aliro is committed to maintaining the integrity of access control systems.


Adhering to a common set of communication standards, Aliro enables devices and readers from different manufacturers to seamlessly work together at the door, breaking down siloes that have fragmented the access control industry. As a result, users can benefit from increased choices and freedom when purchasing access control devices, and developers can enjoy more creative freedom when crafting products.

Aliro in Action

Aliro has something to offer every player in the digital access control space. For manufacturers, Aliro simplifies integration with partner devices and acts as a certification arbiter for interoperability, which helps reduce the cost of research and development. Meanwhile, installers can enjoy smoother setup processes and troubleshooting since Aliro eliminates friction between hardware providers.

With Aliro, system owners can also better manage their access control systems, even if they include a wide array of branded components. On the end-user side, this means a more secure, reliable, and convenient alternative to physical keys that embraces product diversity rather than being restricted by it.

Unlock Your Digital Access Potential with Telink

Poised to set the stage for further IoT protocol standardization, Aliro is just the beginning of an industry-wide collaboration to close interoperability gaps to push the boundaries of innovation.

To make the most of this cutting-edge technology, Telink has the resources you need to develop a competitive, future-proof product. From our multi-protocol SoCs to expert consultations, Telink is ready to help you integrate Aliro seamlessly into your IoT products. Embrace Aliro with Telink and open the door to a brighter, more accessible future for both IoT product developers and users.

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