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Telink Collaborates with Bluetooth SIG to Provide The Ultimate Auracast™ Experience

Telink Staff

December 26, 2023

Group of event attendees learn about Auracast technology from a representative

See how Telink, along with other Bluetooth SIG members, provided the ultimate AuracastTM Experience at Tech G Shanghai 2023.

Shanghai, China, December 26, 2023 — In October, Telink collaborated with other Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) members to provide an interactive experience for attendees at The AuracastTM Experience at Tech G Shanghai 2023.

“In this event, Telink contributed AuracastTM transmitter devices, which is based on the Telink TLSR9 series Bluetooth® dual-mode system-on-chip (SoC) IC,” Eric Liang, director of business development for Telink, said in an interview with Bluetooth SIG. “It can connect to various audio source devices through a USB interface and supports flexible audio parameter configurations to transmit diverse AuracastTM broadcast streams.”

During the event, Bluetooth SIG members simulated three environments where AuracastTM broadcast audio provides an unparalleled and highly integrated audio experience: an auditorium, an airport sports bar, and an airport gate. Attendees were given AuracastTM-enabled earbuds and smartphones equipped with an AuracastTM app to use as they walked through the exhibit.

To start, guests made their first stop at an airport bar, where multiple TVs displayed different sports games while muted. With AuracastTM, attendees could choose which TV they wanted to hear through their earbuds and switch between TVs as they pleased. At their next stop, attendees entered a simulated airport gate, where they could tune into a friend’s laptop for easy audio sharing, and listen in on the public address system to listen to gate announcements directly with their earbuds. Then, attendees made their way over to the final exhibit, where they walked into the back of an auditorium for a mock conference. Here, guests could tap right into the broadcast system to hear the keynote session from their earbuds for crisp audio quality.

These are just a few of the many use cases AuracastTM broadcast audio can be applied to make audio more accessible to users. Gymnasiums, places of worship, museums, health facilities, restaurants — with AuracastTM, every touchpoint in a user’s day-to-day itinerary can be transformed into a more engaging, meaningful, and social experience. In the future, Bluetooth SIG will be hosting more AuracastTM Experience events across various geographic regions, including the one at CES 2024. As a proud collaborator, Telink will continue providing our full support in these events.

Using a one-to-many topology, AuracastTM broadcast audio enables any audio source to be transmitted to multiple devices at the same time. AuracastTM also provides expanded coverage, ultra-low latency, and interference resistance to best support audio transmission in public spaces that can benefit from collaborative listening. It’s also a way to extend audio accessibility to those with hearing aids to help these users run errands, enjoy live entertainment, and navigate travel hubs with ease.

For developers, implementing AuracastTM into devices requires a System-on-Chip (SoC) that can support at least the Bluetooth® 5.2 specification, as well as the Bluetooth Basic Audio Profile (BAP) and Public Broadcast Profile (PBP) that define how AuracastTM operates. Since there are no restrictions on the type of audio receiving and transmitting devices that AuracastTM can be integrated into, developers have more creative flexibility and convenience.

As this novel technology gains traction, Telink is ready to supply product developers with AuracastTM-compatible SoCs that not only help deliver exceptional audio quality, but push the boundaries of wireless audio to provide a more universal yet seamless soundscape.

About Telink Semiconductor

Telink Semiconductor is a fabless IC design company that creates state-of-the-art wireless connectivity SoCs. Through years of research and development, Telink has built a comprehensive product portfolio and has become one of the leading IC suppliers in this field. The company is operating globally, with multiple subsidiaries and offices in North America, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Telink’s products currently include 2.4GHz RF SoCs and SDKs for Bluetooth® Classic & LE, Bluetooth® Mesh, Zigbee, Apple HomeKit, Apple FMN Accessory, 6LoWPAN/ Thread, Matter, and proprietary protocols. They are widely used in various consumer and commercial IoT applications, including smart retail, consumer electronics, smart lighting, home automation, medical devices, warehousing and logistics, audio, and entertainment.

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Eric Liang

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